Wednesday, 8 January 2014

A Scout Woven Tee - and the decision that it's just not meant for me.

So I've just finished my second Scout Woven Tee from Grainline Studios and have decided that this is just unfortunately not the most flattering pattern for me. Now I've seen ALOT of cute ones out there in the blogosphere which is why I gave it a go not once, but twice. The first version went straight to the op shop pile after what I can only blame on a very bad fabric choice and pregnancy hormones. I made the size according to my bust size which ended up very big everywhere else, but just enough room to pull over. Which is what it's meant to do I guess, but a baggy midriff section is not what I need going on right now!

So my second attempt was with some lovely fabric from a vintage bed sheet given to me by a friend. I liked the light airiness to it and thought it would be a nice option to go with jeans.
So ahead I went, using the same size as last time (unfortunately my breasts have not reduced in size) but thinking maybe it would hang nicer as I'm now minis the pregnant belly.
BUT no..... Wearing this top I look like a giant square. I need to be longer in the bodice or slimmer in the hips to pull this off. I would take either!

I WILL say that this pattern is extremely easy to whip up. I also decided to French seam within and doing the sleeves this way was a first for me and something I'm pretty happy with. I just love the look of totally encased sleeve holes!
The only adjustments I made was to lower the armscye by about 2cm and increase the side seam allowance to reduce the bulk, although I could have brought it in a lot more. I also sewed down the french seams on the shoulders for a smoother finish.

Overall I'm happy with the construction and the seam finishes, even if this top is totally unwearable for me. I'm loving the bias tape finish at the neck seam too. First time I saw this method was on the Darling Ranges dress (that I'm yet to finish as I started that while pregnant last year, why, I don't know!)

A lesson learned: pay more attention to what suits my body shape. It will save a lot of tears in the future!


  1. It always sucks when you put in all the work to make something and it just doesn't suit your shape. I don't think it looks too bad on you, but of course, you need to think it looks good!

    1. You're too kind;)
      But yes it does suck when something doesn't turn out the way hoped. At least it was a quick whip up and not something I'd spent hours and hours on, although I've definitely done them before! Your red skirt is amazing by the way! So well done, no wonder it was in your top charts for 2013!


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